“Never Forget Your Beginner’s Spirit”

18998789taken from @lancearmstrong‘s twitpic

It is so easy to get caught up in the monotony of things.  Even the things that you love.  When it gets to the point where everything works out in a scheduled form, you tend to forget what you’re doing and go through the motions.  Your “beginner’s spirit” is so important.  Why?  Because of the innocence and the initial exciement, or what people call in relationships, the “Honeymoon” phase.  Remember that first time you got on your bike and it was like being a kid again, learning to ride.  There’s a slight hesitation and balance check but once you get your momentum, you don’t want to stop.

I want to see this bike in person.  Not only because there is some sick ass artwork on it but if I saw that phrase everytime I put my head down, it would humble me as to why I fell in love with the bike in the first place.  Also you put yourself in a place where you used to push until you had no more fight in your body.  Then somehow, when you think there’s nothing left, you are able to push some more.  That’s pretty intense.

I’ve got my old bike that I’ve ridden forever and my new bike that’s barely a month old.  I look at both and I feel like my old bike still makes me stronger but my new road bike keeps me going…distance-wise and in my journey through life.

Stories.  I want to have life stories.  Especially life stories that involve these bikes and I definitely do.  I’m a sentimental sap, I’ll admit that.  So I’ll continue to do so.  It’s opened doors and made me realize just how much there is out there that I want to do now.  Again, I lost my spirit for a while and I feel like it’s coming back.

*cue beach waves, sunset and Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey credits.


2 thoughts on ““Never Forget Your Beginner’s Spirit”

  1. inspiring post! that’s exactly how i feel about my shoes!! No matter how beat up and torn up my first pair of running shoes are, i keep them around to remind me that they were what got me through my first marathon, yet at the same time looking at them makes me keep running!

  2. thanks pats! it’s weird how they become a sentimental attachment. also, thanks for the water tip! i’ve never felt so smart! haha

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