Finding Your Sweet Spot

I’ve been alternating between my bikes lately just to change it up.  What I’ve grown to really love about my old bike is just how strong it made me when I tried to rack up miles on that beast.  Riding on my old hybrid really makes you crank out a lot of energy to get where you’re going.  It’s rugged and sturdy but loses momentum quickly when I stop pedaling.  I started realizing how I knew where the sweet spot was when I change gears.  Does that make sense?  I basically know what gear I seem to ride most efficiently and at a constant speed.

I am slowly starting to feel it out on my road bike but when I rode a couple of days ago, I never really tested out my bike on it’s high-end gears.  Wow, talk about pushing power through your legs but it felt good also.  The speed at a dramatically slower cadence than I’m used to was interesting to see but I’m always paranoid of “bonking out” so I always drop to a lower resistance.  Is it better to train your body at a higher resistance to gain more power?  Won’t that just make your legs get bigger?

What I can say about biking is that now that I’m testing out what kind of limits I can push on the bike, I keep thinking how I can modify this puppy to my liking.  Possibly a new wheel set, currently using the stock FSA Gossamer crankset but now in the 2010 model of the Trek 2.1, they’ve upgraded all the 2.1 components to all Shimano 105 components.  Jealous mainly because it’s a definitely upgrade, especially that they stock them with Shimano wheel sets now on the 2010 models.  Or is that just on Cannondale?  I thought I got a great deal on the bike, but did I now?

Back to my crankset.  I LOVE the stiffness compared to what I was riding with.  I think I’m still in the honeymoon phase over my bike and as long as I’m in this phase, I’m content with what I have because well…I have nothing else to compare it to unless I hop on another bike and feel the differences.  In the future, I may sell and upgrade my bike but I’m happy with what I have with the money budget that I have currently have and it’s a great way to get out there instead of waiting.

My Shimano 105 pedals.  Love them.  Simple, light, efficient and makes biking feel easy breezy.


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