The Hobbyist


“Better late than never” Well, that’s where a lot of my hobbies started.  I seriously wish that I had done more of these things as a kid just because I would have taken fuller advantage of knowing how to do certain things now.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with learning new things but some things are easier to learn when you’re a kid and you can be a little more Dare-Devil in the risks you take.  The reason I never did is because we just didn’t have that kind of money.  Now that I have my own money and make a decent living for myself, also the spare time, it’s fun to take on new things.

Forever evolving.  There IS a perfect golf swing but there aren’t always perfect conditions.  That’s what makes the game so interesting.  The wind fluctuates, the holes move, the courses change and the equipment does as well.  It’s a game you have to get a “feel” for, if that makes sense.   So many things go on in your head before you strike the ball, you think about how you bring back the club, how much force you’re going to apply in your follow through, if you’re using the right club and if you calculated the wind correctly, did you hook or shank the ball…  This game can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.  Also, to me, it’s a great way to clear your head.

It makes you feel like a kid again.  Concrete waves or concrete mountains.  Depends how you want to ride, I guess.  It beats paying for lift tickets or wiping out out deep in the ocean.  Are there legit places where people can carve down a ridiculous concrete course without having to run from security in parking garages?  Let’s go.

It’s the home away from home type of hobby.  Being a born-bred Houstonian, this is not a native sport.  There has to be snow and mountains involved.  Or at least a hill and I think we have maybe 2 in Houston.  Once you finally connect the heel-toe turns together, the sport goes from tiring and being sore from falling to being some of the funnest times and some of the quickest.  Quickest being, you never thought you’d being going up and down a mountain so quick that you actually get your lift ticket’s worth.

This is the lifelong passion that has grown.  I don’t just ride bikes anymore; I’m consumed by them whenever I see one.  There’s casual riders, commuters, weekend warriors, exercisers, racers, thrill-seekers, etc.  It suits personalities.  It can be a money-pit, if you get obsessed with accessories and components.  You’ll never stop upgrading and if you reach that point, you almost probably want to get another bike to start a whole other wishlist.  It’s just fun.  Just like everything else that makes you happy, it makes you feel like a kid again.  It’s liberation, for sure.

I’ve just always had an eye for things I wanted to portrait.  Some things you think won’t do justice by a camera but at least it freezes the memory of what it was like of being there.  It’s fun to catch a concept of a composition within a “3×5.”  Heck, even post-processing can be fun when you have tools you like to work with and an idea about how you want your pictures to come out.  I need to become more proactive with my stuff again.  I have a lot of stuff I’ve yet to do anything with and a lot of ideas out there that I haven’t captured yet. “These are a few of my favorite things.”

Happy New Year!!


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