Houston Heights

I miss living there.  It’s one of the few places in Houston that feels like it has character without feeling like it was unsafe.  Sure, my car got broken into the first week I moved to that area but still, there’s more pro’s then con’s whenever I think about it.  For a lot of people I know, the Washington Ave. strip is pretty far but for my, it was “down the street.”  Not to mention so was Memorial Park, Heights Blvd. (bike lanes, ftw), Montrose, Downtown, Galleria, Memorial Mall area and a hop onto 610 to go in any direction I wanted.More importantly, I never hesitated to take my bike out for a ride around the area.  It was a daily occurrence to take the bike out, if the weather permitted.  Friday night rides would have been on the regular now that I know some folks down to go.  Also, it  didn’t hurt that I had a lot of extra time while I was “in-between jobs.”  I made my time worthwhile and if I had a choice, I would move back around that area or around the Energy Corridor depending on what’s more convenient.  Being bike accessible is now a requirement.  Just cuz.


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