What can I say about it? It’s pretty tasty. For some reason, the labeling kinda matches the taste. There is a sweet berry taste to the beer. Nothing heavy and I think it will pair well with a lot of food. I don’t know whether or not it’s is worth the premium pricing but I would definitely drink it. 12.95 for a 6-pack seems pretty steep but that’s the value of a yearly limite edition brew.

Guess I need to know more about it to understand the story behind the 11 brews of Divine Reserve. You’ve done well, Saint Arnold’s. 1 down, 11 to go. Want one?


#NowPlaying Amy Winehouse – Valerie

I wonder if Winehouse didn’t screw up her career with all the debauchery antics if she would still be making new music. It’s been a while since her last one and Adele’s soulful raspy voice and her writing skills have taken the charts and is gradually hitting new heights.

Just makes me wonder about how o e should treat their career. Even the fact that Winehouse got a Grammy for her work, it didn’t change anything. I just think that sometimes you need to do what is best and not always what you want to do. Choices lead to different outcomes and do things that will benefit you rather then consequence your situation.

Either way a signature voice and an artist is hard to realize web you have the taker that if goe wasted. That’s why you see sone people run with it and others crumble.

I hope to do what I truy want to be doing and be happy with my life decisions.

Glad for Warmer Weather


Thanks @sreediculous for the pic. I could imagine this being my bike during the snow season up north. Glad warm weather is ahead of us again.

Also it’s pretty cool seeing all the biz professionals strapping their bikes on their car racks at work and the roadies with their sling bags leaving work for the ride home. Beats the damn suburb traffic.

Getting back on the saddle

I’ve always wanted yo say that and now I can.

So I’ve been really lazy as far as getting y bike put back together to go on some long rides. I got new TIME pedals and I want to see how they hold up. Granted my Shimano 105 pedals were fine, my cleats were wearing away and saw a good impulse deal on these. Only thing is, they need to be tighten by a tool other then the bike wrench. :/


Anyway, my bike has been sitting flipped over all winter and I need to fix that because I haven’t even had a chance to break in the bike after it was properly tuned up. Though my city bike has been getting all the attention, I miss a long ride.