Damn, this album is good.  No, the Roots aren’t just Jimmy Fallon’s house band.  Been following these guys since Illadelph Halflife.  But for sure, this is a grown up’s album.

Undun / [Explicit]

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Bon Iver – Hinnom, TX

Something about being an independent artist gives you that freedom to exactly just that.  I’ve never come across my collection of music where the artist put out a visual accompaniment to their body of work except maybe Kanye West’s Runaway video.  It was interesting looking up Bon Iver on VEVO and come up blank.  I’m assuming it’s because it’s the major record labels that release those videos.  Eh.  This album is still being figured out by me.  Too many layers.

To those asking where the heck Hinnom, TX is?  Thanks SongFacts.com

This synth-pop ballad finds Bon Iver leader Justin Vernon dreaming of a burial place for strangers near Jerusalem being relocated in the heart of Texas. He explained the story behind the song to UK newspaper The Sun: “When I was working on the lyrics I was coming up with these images of the desert. I had the idea of taking Hinnom, a place near Jerusalem where they have a cemetery for people who don’t have names and plopping it into Texas. The song became an amalgamation of this idea and my experience of a Lucinda Williams song ‘Fruits Of My Labor.’ She sings this line, ‘Cause I finally did it, baby, I got out of La Grange, go in my Mercury and drove out west.’

November 15

A lot of music comes out today.

Drake‘s Take Care album
Childish Gambino‘s Camp album 

But there’s also some artists still trying to get established in the “game.”

Nitty Scott, MC released her FreEP today and Omen released a mixtape earlier this month called Afraid of Heights.  It won’t be the last time you’ll hear these names.  If you listen to their tracks, they already know what kind of artist they want to be and what kinda music they want to make.  And btw, Ari Lourdes has a dope track voice.

Anyway, I’ve been looping mainly through tracks that I have on vinyl. I can’t wait until Christmas.

Latest finds on vinyl:
The Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky LP
The Stylistics – Rockin’ Roll Baby LP
The Swell Season – Strict Joy LP
John Lennon – Imagine LP
Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running LP 

Blue Slide Park

Blue Slide Park

Mac Miller. White boy, born in 92 from Philly.  He’s just a kid but he approaches his new album with an old east coast vibe to it.  The production of ID Labs (especially on the album title track) put him to sound in the middle between Beastie Boys and some Wu-Tang loop type stuff.  He has some club bangers and his delivery keeps true to his age but it’s a lot more of a grown vibe then I was expecting.  Not to mention the album art is legit.  I was expecting some funky, point at the camera type pose.  Little do you know is that his bro made that cover.  Blue Slide Park.

I see what you did there.

Anyway, he throws in some monotonous one note deliveries that kinda reminds me of Theophilus London but gets high and sounds like Wiz.  A lot of people throw in that they are letting anyone record nowadays.  Sometimes it’s true but the ones that stick around past the first round shows you that they put in the work.  So far, so good from this kid.

Would it be weird if my next post is about country music?  Throw you off?