2012 To-Do’s

It’s that time of the year where you reflect on the current year and how you’ll improve yourself for the up-coming year.  Definitely make them positives.  I do believe that if you make a habit out of things, it does become a part of your nature, or your “lifestyle” because it becomes a way of life.  I really need to make time for things again.  I would say that this year I got very lazy and complacent and I want to change that.  Time for a Re-Up.

So here are a few things I hope to accomplish in 2012:

  • I dare myself to put at least 100 miles on my bike a month
  • Taking more pictures again and may put out a photo set once a month
  • Take time out to learn/study.  Keep my brain stimulated.
  • Eat better.  But everything tastes better with a fried egg on top.  And donuts.
  • Get out of the work schedule rut.  I let it overtake me.  I want my freedom back.
  • See my loved ones more. This holiday break made me realize how much I miss them.
  • Open my travel chapter up again.
  • Keep PedalHouston alive and kicking.  I love what it’s done and the community it’s created.
  • Stop spending.  More saving.  My budgeting went haywire last year somehow.
  • Get a dog.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.  It’s just like any other day but this is our societal excuse to give ourselves a fresh start at something.  To feel like we are given a clean slate to move forward.  I’ve learned a lot this year and I hope to work harder and not slack on what I want to achieve.  I’m happy to have a great family and good friends to keep me sane.  To think, it’s 2012.  I thought we would be living like the Jetsons by this time.  Time goes by fast as hell.  Go do something.


Conglomerate Chaos

As much as you try to keep your life organized, you still see clutter.  Online, you try to keep everything is some order as well.  Also, being accesible is critical to how you use it as well.

I’ve finally started using Evernote more consistently when I find items online.  Thanks to the ability of web clipping.  I save news/blog articles, video clips and *ahem* recipes for later.  Just like my work e-mail, I’ve created subfolders for access later.  I have them sorted into:

  • Bike Blog
  • Music
  • Wish List
  • Recipes
  • Work
  • To-Do’s

Spotify/Airport Express
Ever since I bought an Airport Express (thanks eBay!), I listen to music that much more because now it plays on my main stereo from anywhere I am in my place.  I can’t tell you how convenient having a network at home just makes you excited like a little kid.  Not to mention it’ll be convenient to use when I don’t have access to WiFi for my MBA.  Damn, I just realized I can use my computer at work now if I do that.  Mind-blowing discovery.  

How about accessing your computer from your iPhone through the Remote app to your stereo system while you’re in the kitchen, picking up around the house or playing MW3.  Anyway, playlists, playlists, playlists on Spotify have made listening to music exciting again.  I don’t get bored of my music anymore because well, it’s limitless what I put on the playlists now.  Not to mention the addition to apps on the program on their “beta stage”  of their next release update to help randomize your selection now.  Also, discovery of some great albums.  It helps you have access to your FB friends on there as well. Share inbox, ftw.

Google Chrome/Tweetdeck
I think the combination of them both has been either a time waster or just easy access for information.  Having the Tweetdeck widget app on Chrome makes things easy to keep up with everyone in one tab. It’s like a window into random people’s souls.

Google Sync
It was the cloud before the cloud.  Syncing your calendars, contacts, e-mails and what have you not.  Thank goodness for Microsoft Exchange on iPhone mail app so I can sync the calendar from my work Outlook to my personal Google calendar so now it shows up on my phone.  Boom, mind blown.  I’d dive into the process but that sounds as boring as this entire post.

I’m starting to find my flow again with trying to organize video I’ve recorded and pictures I’ve taken again.  I tend to just shut everything off when things get overwhelming because I know it takes a lot of time but I think you feel better at the end for it.  

All this because it feels good to import and consolidate all my media files to where I wanted them.  Procrastination and finally doing something about it leads to liberation.  Ridiculous.

I can’t believe I still blog.

Straight Outta #Brompton

Boom, you gotta hashtag anything of importance nowadays.  Crazy, silly world we live in indeed.


It’ll be fun to own and ride one of these.  I wonder what kind of procedure you have to do through when bringing it to the airport.  Does it count as a carry-on?  Or is it necessary to get it mangled in the check-in.  Maybe there’s a cool casing that comes along with it.  I’m all ears.  Kinda wanna move more inward into the city again just to go out my door and ride.  None of this “hitch my bike onto my car to go ride” crap.  I live in a pretty bike friendly area but not many fun destinations in-between points.


Is Today the Internet’s Sweeps Week?

Today, or this week for that matter, has to have been one of the biggest news junket days in a long time.  There’s trending topics galore. Let me try to list a few off the top of my head.

  • XBOX Live got a new UI update to accomodate the surge of Kinect users, not to mention the addition of functional apps to make the unit more of a media center than a video game console.
  • Catching a replay of Rachel Crow being voted off of X-Factor caused a live uproar of everyone bugging out and panicking from the decision.  It makes for good TV so keep rolling but also disturbing at the same time.  Guess that’s what happens when you reduce the audition age to 12?  
  • The popular iPad app, Flipboard finally got added to the iPhone and with that, Google has also created their “magazine”-style news app called Google Currents.  It’s basically a way to make news more interesting to read and to catch trending topics amongst all the sites ou there.
  • NBA has been causing more of an uproar on gossip than TMZ amongst where players will be traded before the late season start comes upon us on Christmas Day, December 25.  Not to mention, I think it’s the first time that I’ve seen a legitimate veto by the commisioner on a trade to sent Chris Paul to LA in a 3-way trade (including the Houston Rockets).

    Atop of that in the MLB, you have Pujols leaving the World Series champion Cards to join the Angels.

  • Google+ has not given the fight up to compete with the resources that Facebook has retained their audience with and are still trying to appeal to the masses, especially considering how many people use Google.  They are going to lauch their own “Events” style page on the platform to hopefully entice users their way, just as they did businesses with their business pages.

    This leads to the big Twitter UI update across the board –  on the web, mobile device apps and even on Tweetdeck taking on the udpate simultaneously.

  • Twitter went through a huge facelift today and without any hiccups.  We are typically used to seeing them distribute their new layout in waves but somehow they were able to pull a surprise update, not just visually but conceptually with no lag.  Of course, you have people that have to say something about it or what use would Twitter be.  “Mentions” are called “Connects” now that actually includes your “Mentions” but also has a new tab of your interactions of activity with your account, such as new followers and RTs.  It also has a new “Discovery” tab which basically consists of the culturally adopted hashtag (#).   They’ve somehow found a way to make Twitter understandable to the masses instead of a cult following in order to follow news and create interactions for people.  

    It’s impressive in my opinion.  It looks very techie now though.  From what Twitter used to be, which was essentially a VERY simple idea and website of simple text and a reply button and an @ symbol to relay messages to one another.  People created their own jargon and twitter lingo which eventually went mainstream and is used across almost every social media outlet that’s out there.

  • The iPhone app store went a little crazy with updates. A couple minor bug updates but also a bunch of refreshing and new apps and app updates.  If you’ve witnessed my banter, I get a little excited over updates.  I don’t know why but I do.  It’s like finding the extra french fries in the bottom of your fast food bag.  It just makes the iPhone feel like a new phone again especially with all these news apps, which I include twitter in now as they showcase their trending topics and news stories.  It’s INSANE what the internet has become.

    I, for one, like that posterous is sticking to their guns and evolving their platform to those of the likes of tumblr, wordpress, blogspot and any other type of blog/microblogging platform.  They’ve improved leaps and bounds from what they started with and their application and their web platform is pretty solid right, especially their aesthetic but simple themes.  I’m glad it’s stuck around and I confidently jumped on to use them.  A job well done.

Yesterday, I was taken aback by how vast the music world has become in such a short amount of time.  Everyone has access to music from all over the world instantly.  It used to be taboo what kind of music existed on the other side of the earth unless you knew someone there and brought it back with them home.  You just didn’t know, but now, the internet is making normal people with extraordinary talent to live a dream and quicker than it could ever have been possible by being “discovered” or in an “audition” and finding an audience all at the same time.  You see the process happen in front of your eyes.

It’s funny because, WE, as a whole, created this.  This is man-made.  Technology, that is.  Wow. 

Anyway, it was a damn interesting day in the trending topic world.  Not to mention the surprising shooting at Viriginia Tech again.  Geez.

Editorial: This is already late.

Everything now is instantaneous.  Instant gratification.  How you get your news.  If you’re two minutes late on news, it makes people mad that you’re not in the know about it already.  Any less is unacceptable.  You get “deleted.”  I think the same goes for blogs, especially tech blogs.  There’s no time for gurgitating what you’ve just read anymore.  You’ve read it and it’s happened already.  Just like the AT&T commercial with the bros at the tailgating party claiming news that’s happened already.  It’s great to get news when you want it but I think that’s why people seem to feel like they have no time anymore.


I admit, I’m a culprit.  I thank Google Reader for being a quick dump for news.  Either skim through all the 11ty posts in ONE DAY that a blog produces or just “Mark As Read.”  Sometimes you don’t have to know everything but sometimes you want to know everything.  I wish I cared more for world news but politics and the media to portray things in a manner to make it dramatic to sway your opinion on it.  I feel like I’m starting to be the cranky old man that looks at things about the new world and detesting how it’s formed out to be.  I use technology and I don’t hate where it’s going but sometimes I feel like we don’t take time to do anything anymore.  Reading a newspaper to catch up on news is old news.  Sunday paper is nothing but used for extreme couponers.  Music gets skimmed and thrown around like nothing now but I can say exploration of music is at its best right now.  When you do something great, people will pay to hear or see your music because you’ve earned their time and money.  No more surprises when you buy and album anymore unless you avoid any leaks and previews for your benefit.


I remember, I collected more singles than albums beacuse I only liked one or two songs.  Songs on its own but I like appreciating those whole put the effort into a complete album.  I think that’s the reason I like the idea of vinyls again.  Listening to the work completely.  No one knows what kind of music you’re into because you don’t have a collection anymore (except a digital one).  Having a physical analog copy of the work seems well worth paying for it.  I forgot about having the whole package.  The slip cover art, the front cover aesthetics and just everything about records.  It still amazes that the little piece of plastic plays real actual, dynamic music with no digital loss.  And the crackle, it’s pretty awesome.

Moral of the story: Don’t eat spoiled grapes.  But if you do, they really are just raisins.


I just need to stop thinking and get back on my bike(s).