Conglomerate Chaos

As much as you try to keep your life organized, you still see clutter.  Online, you try to keep everything is some order as well.  Also, being accesible is critical to how you use it as well.

I’ve finally started using Evernote more consistently when I find items online.  Thanks to the ability of web clipping.  I save news/blog articles, video clips and *ahem* recipes for later.  Just like my work e-mail, I’ve created subfolders for access later.  I have them sorted into:

  • Bike Blog
  • Music
  • Wish List
  • Recipes
  • Work
  • To-Do’s

Spotify/Airport Express
Ever since I bought an Airport Express (thanks eBay!), I listen to music that much more because now it plays on my main stereo from anywhere I am in my place.  I can’t tell you how convenient having a network at home just makes you excited like a little kid.  Not to mention it’ll be convenient to use when I don’t have access to WiFi for my MBA.  Damn, I just realized I can use my computer at work now if I do that.  Mind-blowing discovery.  

How about accessing your computer from your iPhone through the Remote app to your stereo system while you’re in the kitchen, picking up around the house or playing MW3.  Anyway, playlists, playlists, playlists on Spotify have made listening to music exciting again.  I don’t get bored of my music anymore because well, it’s limitless what I put on the playlists now.  Not to mention the addition to apps on the program on their “beta stage”  of their next release update to help randomize your selection now.  Also, discovery of some great albums.  It helps you have access to your FB friends on there as well. Share inbox, ftw.

Google Chrome/Tweetdeck
I think the combination of them both has been either a time waster or just easy access for information.  Having the Tweetdeck widget app on Chrome makes things easy to keep up with everyone in one tab. It’s like a window into random people’s souls.

Google Sync
It was the cloud before the cloud.  Syncing your calendars, contacts, e-mails and what have you not.  Thank goodness for Microsoft Exchange on iPhone mail app so I can sync the calendar from my work Outlook to my personal Google calendar so now it shows up on my phone.  Boom, mind blown.  I’d dive into the process but that sounds as boring as this entire post.

I’m starting to find my flow again with trying to organize video I’ve recorded and pictures I’ve taken again.  I tend to just shut everything off when things get overwhelming because I know it takes a lot of time but I think you feel better at the end for it.  

All this because it feels good to import and consolidate all my media files to where I wanted them.  Procrastination and finally doing something about it leads to liberation.  Ridiculous.

I can’t believe I still blog.

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