2012 To-Do’s

It’s that time of the year where you reflect on the current year and how you’ll improve yourself for the up-coming year.  Definitely make them positives.  I do believe that if you make a habit out of things, it does become a part of your nature, or your “lifestyle” because it becomes a way of life.  I really need to make time for things again.  I would say that this year I got very lazy and complacent and I want to change that.  Time for a Re-Up.

So here are a few things I hope to accomplish in 2012:

  • I dare myself to put at least 100 miles on my bike a month
  • Taking more pictures again and may put out a photo set once a month
  • Take time out to learn/study.  Keep my brain stimulated.
  • Eat better.  But everything tastes better with a fried egg on top.  And donuts.
  • Get out of the work schedule rut.  I let it overtake me.  I want my freedom back.
  • See my loved ones more. This holiday break made me realize how much I miss them.
  • Open my travel chapter up again.
  • Keep PedalHouston alive and kicking.  I love what it’s done and the community it’s created.
  • Stop spending.  More saving.  My budgeting went haywire last year somehow.
  • Get a dog.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.  It’s just like any other day but this is our societal excuse to give ourselves a fresh start at something.  To feel like we are given a clean slate to move forward.  I’ve learned a lot this year and I hope to work harder and not slack on what I want to achieve.  I’m happy to have a great family and good friends to keep me sane.  To think, it’s 2012.  I thought we would be living like the Jetsons by this time.  Time goes by fast as hell.  Go do something.


One thought on “2012 To-Do’s

  1. some of those are the same as mine. my biggest goal is to stop spending, save more!I love love love that you are going to start the travel chapter back up. Maybe you’ll actually come in to btown. get a dog!!!!!!! awesomes.

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