Jan: Smartphonin’


You can’t say the iPhone isn’t worth the money. It all depends on how/what/why you use it. It’s pretty unbelievable within such a short amount of time just how connected you are to the world. Not just your world but for all the onlookers that are looking in to your life can also seem side.

Sure that can sound creepy to some but a lot of times, it’s another way to learn, become inspired or just plain look at something different when you’re bored.

This phone has made us become unbored. It sucks because that’s why we’ve become so attached at the same time. Brain activity stops when you lock your phone. Oh crap! Now what?! We just have to remember that we need to shut down sometimes – reboot our CPU, if you will.

I guess it’s just crazy to me that we literally hold everything in the palm of ours hands. That used to be a figure of speech. Technology wooed us into another generation. Google is our brain. Social media is our telephone. E-mail has quadrupled our workloads. Time seems like never enough. We’ve condensed our time by so much that we’ve grown accustomed to multitasking so much that we feel like we never have time.

I’m just glad I’ve found a couple things in my life that have slowed down my pace a bit again. Feels good man.

Meanwhile, this post is brought to you by my phone. Boom.

Social Media: Love/Hate

There’s a love-hate relationship with social media for me.  It’s a great tool because it’s a great way to reach so many people especially for certain things you may want to accomplish with it.  But with great knowledge comes great responsibility, as the saying goes.

It becomes a leash that you can give as much slack or as tight as you want.  What’s the best outlet to keep in contact with your audience?  Should I be on all formats?  Which one will be the bread winner for my specific audience?

I think it’s sort of nice to have started projects because it keeps me busy but also at the same time can feel like a personal burden.  I guess it’s what you make of it and no one is expecting anything but you also have an obligation to yourself.  It’s called commitment.

Take it with a grain of salt or carry the molehill on your back, it’s up to you.  It’s there for you to use and sometime even abuse but never forget why you use it and what your goal is with it.  It’s a fun tool that we have access to now and it’s FOR FREE.  Just don’t forget that there’s a life outside of the little computer thingy too.  You can interact in that way as well.  Silly interwebz.