Feb: Blurb


Looks like this is my contribution for the month and it consists of pretty much what I’ve been doing. From music collecting to eating to working to even trying to start running again.

My left ankle hasn’t been the same since one inebriated evening when an old friend was in town from Chicago. One misstep and you roll your ankle pretty bad. Since then, my ankle has seen better days and stronger. I’m trying to build the muscles and tendons around it back up but I might have to get it checked out.

For the Lenten season, instead of giving something up, I’ve told myself that I’m gonna exercise of some sort everyday for 40 days. I seriously hope this gets to think normally to not just sit on my ass and do far it’s been working. Now let’s see if I can get back into some kind of shape.

Work has been interesting mainly because I feel like I know what I do now? Ha. Now to put it to good use and move path forward with my career.

Biking has been missed but I’ve been getting on it when the random Texas weather spikes to 90 then back to 50 degrees another day. Just feels good to wear shorts and a t-shirt again.

I’ve also been trying to not spend money where I don’t have to but at the same time, you get so bored. I’m just glad I have my 40 day mission because I utilize my gym membership and get out and run around town. Not to mention some work rec sports stuff going on right now. So this year is maybe an active one. Last year was pretty inconsistent and drab. So here you go. Photos of the month.

Not to mention Smurfs’ Village can’t be stopped.

Bike Quest

I remember when I seriously got back into biking a couple years back.  It was seriously like finding myself.  You don’t realize how clearly I was able to think again.  Everything had clarity.  I had a new motivation, a new outlook on life and what I wanted to do with it.  It was also fun tapping into the social media world to help me out find the perfect bike.  I knew I wanted a road bike but I didn’t know where to even begin with so many options out there.  Whether or not to go high end or start bare bones and work up with my bike.  What was the most cost efficient during the time and what I was going to do in order to get that bike.

I still have these ideas for building a bike