Apr: Bandwagon


Guess I’m jumping on one. On a lot of them. Back into running, rekindled with my road bike again, finding new music again and finding a groove again.

Fitnes-wise, I feel like I’m getting back into shape. Stronger heart, better stamina and now I just need to work on my core and improve my agility. Also watching what you eat, you start finding healthier alternatives to things you would typically eat in its place. Also that you don’t have to eat a whole bag of junk to feel satisfied. Moderation works, you just have to be patient mentally to catch up with your body.

My bike. Man, my bike is weak… 😛 Ok maybe my legs need to be stronger. They can pedal forever but add an incline at an unusual angle and your body goes “What the f-?!” I conquered an advanced route this week. Funny trying to beat the sun and maybe not the smartest idea to try a new route on a week night after work that has no lights once the sun sets. It was a challenging, fun ride though. If people told me about the route before I did it, I think I would have bailed. I’m glad I didn’t.

My niece turned 2 this month also. It’s insane how fast time flies. Babies grow up fast. I’m just happy she remembers me now when I see her. She likes being my shadow and follows me wherever I go. She’s awesome.

This year is going pretty quick but I’m doing a lot with my time. I want to travel around again but my funds are needing to be prioritized at the moment. Things are just a lot more expensive then they used to be and some things feel like they will never get paid off (at least overnight). It a part of life though. And I’m on that bandwagon again.

Spring is here.


Taken at the Social Cycling ATX Thursday Night Social Ride

You have no idea what kind of people ride this ride until you hear the various conversations going on around you.  You have: college kids, hipsters, hippies, yuppies, parents, oldies, singles, a lot of couples on dates, first timers, a friend bringing first timers, TNSR veterans, managers, coworkers talking business, full on roadies in cycling outfits, green activists, traditional bike riders, fixie heads, dusty garage bikes and basically anyone who has a bike comes out to use it.  It’s still cool to see people ask on the street “what is this?” or “what’s going on here?” but you get the occasional “come back where you came from!” comment from drivers.  I still don’t get that but ok.  It’s just cool to get off the daily grind and ride a bit through parts of the city you would never usually go through.

If you have a ride in whatever town you’re in, try to find it and jump on the wagon.  It’s fun.

PB2 : Mind Blown


Someone try to prove to me what’s wrong with this product. Trying to be more health conscious and also looking out for how many calories I intake on my road to weight loss redemption, you come across a lot of alternatives to foods you usually eat and favor in order to cut fat/calories/carbs/etc. I hate how bad regular PB is for you and came across this item on a couple of fitness blogs. Kinda ridiculous, if you ask me, how come it’s never been tried before or that I know about.  It’s pretty awesome how they deconstructed the peanuts only to remove the oil and fat and rehydrated by water to bring back the consistency of peanut butter.

Skeptic at first but then I tried it just now. Damn, pretty tasty. Tastes like organic natural PB to me. Only 45 cals a serving compared to 200. I’m blown away by this unless someone can prove I’m gonna die from a product that shows its ingredients are simple as day. Can’t get anymore “organic” than that.

The Run

Path sync with Nike+:
Nifty Article: http://gizmodo.com/5891828/nike-teams-with-path-to-socialize-your-runs

I’ve used Nike+ for a long time to log my runs and keep track of my times and whatnot.  It helps gauge me on where I am and what I’m doing also.  Recently, I’ve gotten on a running kick mainly because I’ve been trying to lose weight.  Before SXSW, I was about 196-197.  Kinda ridiculous considering I’m only 5’8″, I felt like that is kinda high of a weight class to be in for my height.  I decided I needed to do something about it.  Weighing myself today – 184.6 lbs.  *hi-five*  My goal is to get to 165.  That’s the target weight.  Hopefully it’ll be just about maintenance at that point.  I hadn’t been that weight or a 32w since high school.  If I can keep and maintain that, it’ll be easier now definitely then later once I hit 30 (next year) where metabolism just goes downhill from there.

A friend told me about myfitnesspal.com and I’ve been using that as a healthy indicator of my daily calorie intake.  I didn’t really have time to exercise much so I was curious to see how much “dieting” helps vs. exercising.  I can confidently say that a majority of losing weight is what and how much you eat.  You start to realize that you can live off a lot less calories then you imagined.  And you won’t starve if you pick the right foods that are filling and/or you can have a lot of because they are low in calories.  Anyway, it’s also an iPhone app so you can log while you’re on the go, not to mention if your food has a bar code, boom instant nutrition facts uploaded.  It takes the brain work out for you, you just have to use it.

Typically on my runs I have been a 11’30” to 12′ pace runner.  So 5-5.5mph.  I’ve been able to get my speed and my endurance up which has helped significantly and I am about about 10′ to 10’30” pace at the moment.  My ultimate goal is to quicken my 5K time to under 30 minutes.  For as long as I have been keep track of my runs, I have never been able to do that.  I think I’m just naturally a slow runner, ha.

So I went for a quick lunch run today. Note: It’s hard because if you slack, you’re going to be late back to work and only a snack for lunch.  It’s funny because if someone sees that you’re running on Path, they can “cheer you on.”  Little did I know the random cheering I heard in my headphones was from that.  Pretty cool and kinda motivating.  Also, I guess I had a good run because Jeremy Lin congratulated me on finishing.  Boom.  Bauce.  Swerve.

Strava needs some love though.  I want to use it but I don’t want to lose track of what I’ve started on Nike+.  I guess I’ll stick to just using Strava for biking, which I want to get back on more consistently.  I’m getting too dark, too quickly being out in the sun.  More updates to come.  

The Walk

You can jam to a new school groove to a new school cat that has an old school soul and rekindled a classic Motown genre that Mayer Hawthorne has designated himself into.

Rizzle Kicks are pulled the rebel UK “swag” on this one.  Video is hilarious and for people who think it’s trash have no sense of humor.  It’s all in fun in the London town.

Makes my day job look boring as hell.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith anyone?