It’s one of those nights where you feel like you aren’t doing anything with your life. Maybe it’s because nothing is going on at work either. I really want to get in this pocket of not being so short spanned with things. I want to focus on work and get what I need to get done actually done and not wait until I hit this go button. Also though, I don’t want to get to a place where I have nothing to do. I might be able to help Donna like she said if she really needs it. I’m going to work on those specs seriously tomorrow. I’ll talk to Donna also to see what kinda work she’ll need me to do and see if Selissen might be OK with that. In addition to that, I’ll have to talk to Bruce to see where we are on that project. Maybe I’ll show what I have and see where we go from there instead of waiting for everything to get cleared. That would suck if I’m on the wrong path.

As far as after work, I’m in that fucking rut again. I don’t want to just wait to go out or run errands after work, I really want something to do again. Join a club of some sort? I just really need to meet new people again. I wonder if I should find a way to get involved in Bike Texas or something local dealing with the bike community. It might be what I’m needing to do and sort of set up a schedule. People have lives also and I feel like the less I do, the less time I have for things because it occupies so much of your time because you put things off until things are needed.

I’m in a place where I can make decisions but I don’t because I don’t want to create waves where I don’t have to. I’m getting frustrated in that sense. We’ll see.

May: I’m Down


The pictures sum up this month. Music, work, food, biking, friends and family. It seemed to have gone fairly quick as well. I don’t think I can comprehend what to make of it all but it’s life.

It’s funny to know where your taste in music shifts as you get older. I’m in a weird place and I think that’s good. It keeps it interesting and different.

Also I’m starting to get back into wine again. It’s just a hole in my pocket when I do. Definitely gonna sift through my collection first before grabbing new ones. Funny how you try to really judge a bottle by its cover. Pop the cork, open the hatch an hope it pairs well with your food and has a good follow through. Otherwise it makes drinking it feel like work.

My niece is 2 years old now. Can’t believe it. The sis-in-law just delivered a baby girl too. And my cousin is expecting as well. It’s another generation of babies in the family again. It’s gonna be exciting. New life. Watching them grow up will be ridiculous and amazing all at the same time. Time for Uncle Mikey to be the spoiler.

Hopefully this summer has more travels and also a less confusing season. This spring was a bit weird. Here’s to a better quarter.