June: Changes


It’s half way through the year already. 2012 is going fairly quickly. And I’ll be entering my last year of my twenties next month. I’m excited for the next chapter but it also makes you think about just where all that time went. I just wonder if I can collect enough stories to look back and say I’ve experienced things in my life to tell the little ones in the future. It’ll be great to be the elder that has wacky stories but also lessons learned about life.

They say your taste buds change every seven years, so I guess that’s going to change too. I accept change. Some people don’t but I feel like it builds your character but also puts new patches on your sash as well. If you don’t venture, you don’t know what else the world holds for you to endure.

Embrace change. It’s not always bad. It’s not always good. But it’s always something.