Coachella Iver

I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on the YouTubes.  It’s not everyone’s bread and butter but you have to appreciate that all these guys are musicians first.  When’s the last time you’ve seen a full band that wasn’t just strapped with guitars and a drumset?  Anyway, around the 6 Min mark is just remarkable in my book.  The silence of the crowd, the break of JV’s falsetto into the natural tenor tone and the lighting mood changes in an instance to the ambiance of the song.

I remember when I first started listening to Bon Iver, Bon Iver, it was really different from For Emma, Forever Ago mainly because of the musicality was intensified on the second album.  You can tell the production value was definitely present and utlilized without losing the humble sounds of the first album.  Anyway, didn’t mean for this to become an album review but this is one of the most impactful live performances I’ve seen on video where you know the experience live would make it surreal.  There’s so many layers.  Some people might think it’s cacaphonic but it’s a part of it’s charm.  It’s indie music that doesn’t want to be more than it is, it just wants to be great music.  

Aug: Vote of Confidence


I don’t think you get to know the people you work with until you work with them outside of the office. There’s a structure when you’re at work at home base. There’s no reason to talk unless you need something. Well, this last month or so, I’ve figured out my stride again, at least for work.

Don’t take the shortcuts. Yeah, it saves you time now but taking actual route will teach you your foundation. The fundamentals. What I realized is that you need to consume your brain with as much as you can and things just start to quantify into things. Don’t ever assume you know everything because you don’t. Simple as that. Stop skimming and actually pay attention to the details. It makes it so much easier later.

So my “vote of confidence” came over a complimentary beverage of choice on my flight home from a business trip. Don’t be lazy to learn and work. It’s where your money gets its worth. Feel like you earned your check and if you want go, go for it! It’s your value to yourself that’s important and you’ll work harder if you are earning what you feel you deserve.

So aside from money, I’ve started appreciating my knowledge for things again. Certification and licensing are even in my vocabulary now. Sure, I hate exams and apparently never side with me often but when you pass those hurdles, they are a relief off your shoulders and a personal triumph. Not to mention a vote of confidence wen you’re working. You validate not just to yourself but your coworkers, your clients, your customers and even your family that “Hey, I actually know what I’m doing!”

Smarts is swagger. Swagger breeds from confidence. Confidence brings opportunities. Opportunities lead to different variables of success.


My bad, if you thought this had to deal with the RNC tonight.  Not that kinda vote…