Sept: Moving


Moving into the fall season. Moving to new side of the city. Moving into a new direction in industry in my career. Moving away from Gangnam Style. Moving into football season and soon-to-be basketball season.

To think the Olympics already happened and 2012 is in its last quarter already. Days seem long but time seems fast. Does thy make sense? Anyway, looking forward to cooler weather and the holiday season.


On the verge of pulling the trigger and adding another into my collection.  I’m trying establish all terrains here.  I honestly need a garage for my toys though.  I’m going to start looking up all the essentials to a fun bike, just like I did with my roadie and my SS.  Some how I’ve ended up with Trek bikes, which I wasn’t expecting but when you hit up a good deal, I guess you can’t pass it up and I’ve been happy with my choices thus far.