Oct: Persist


This has been a long, arduous month. A lot to figure out, a lot of stress, a lot of events but also a lot of memories. The weather is actually hitting the fall as this is being written. There’s been a lot of finding a balance of healthy eating, fitness and activity. Work has been a toss up but I’m definitely ready for some action and a busy momentum because the inverse doesn’t usually work well. Because well, that’s why they call it work.

I’m just ready like the seasons and time, to move forward. There’s so much artillary room on my superhero utility belt but I have to actually get holsters on there first to put those items in. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to get those holsters, but I’m ready.

If that doesn’t make sense, so be it. It’s time to accomplish all the things I’ve put on the back burner and turn the heat up. The harder you work now, the higher you are up the hill.  Suddently it’s like you can put everything else on cruise control. I’m not ready for cruise control yet but I want to make sure I’m on the right track to make sure I HAVE that option.  Having everything be easy can numb the feeling of things that are great and what people call success and achievement.  I want to feel proud of those things.

Don’t let your book be written in one section. Write it in chapters and don’t be afraid to close one when you start another. Because sometimes, things that happened in them can make an appearance again in a future one.