Portlandia Sans Vokal

So I’m not sure how my “Portlandia” playlist exactly got “viral” but it has been picking up a couple subscribers a day.  What kind of music is it?  I would consider it the hipster/indie pop variety.  Dance and folkish style music combined in one.  It’s a lot of what people would go out to music festivals to see or listen to when they are BBQing or joy riding even.  I guess in that sense, it’s pretty versatile.  What I like about it is that you can’t really identify a time period with this music, it just seems like it’s morphed all the generations in one.  From the hippie days to the folklore of Simon & Garfunkel to the synth days of the 80s but the present vibe of today’s music.  Music really has transformed greatly from what it used to be in that we are in a digital world where we can mix styles of analog and digital.  I think that’s pretty dope and for that reason, that’s the reason this would have to be one of my own personally most played playlists I’ve made on spotify


As for Sans Vokal, the title explains itself.  It’s my instrumental playlist but I think it is also one of the coolest ones I’ve put together mainly because there are so many different styles of instrumental music incorporated in it, from smooth jazz to flamenco to rock to soul to funk to I don’t know.  Each track puts you in a place where lyrical music can’t.

Spotify really has revolutionized how we hear music.  Before you had to pay music in order to hear it or listen to it.  When you’re exposed to music, the industry has to realize that you will spend your money more towards things you like – seeing them live, buying their physical/digital copies of their music regardless, their paraphernalia and their music spreads like wildfire even to people who can’t afford to buy their music.

With that all said, music has such a wide audience now because you can listen to every type of music on one place.  We don’t have to listen to just what’s popular but you can search such a vast directory of music until your heart is content.  That’s pretty cool.  It’s a great time to live in and experience.  We’re given so many opinions about things and connected to the world in such a way that things don’t feel so vast anymore.  I need to travel more because I find so much more about music that way, as well.  It’s been a while.