Single Speedin’

2010 Trek Soho S
So I got my single speed last week.  All I can say is that it’s just fun.  It’s nothing fancy but it’s fast, it’s light and it’s “murda’d out.”  I’m definitely going to play with this bike and see what things I can change but for right now, I’m happy with it.  I definitely want to get some bullhorns thrown on this bike but I’m starting to get used to the flat bars again, but they are WIDE. It’s funny because I really tried to stay away from getting Trek bikes.
There are so many other bikes out there in the world but also there’s a price range too.  Both my bikes came at the right time at the right price so I went for it as opposed to shelling out full price for something I wasn’t too sure I’d like.  I can always upgrade but in time.  Now I need to find a way to house all my bikes in my place without it feeling like I have to play musical chairs with them everywhere.  Hang them from the roof?  Hang from the wall?  Leave outside (noooot)?  Anyway, it’s always fun when your bike makes you miss riding.  I forgot how I did.

It’s not about the Bike…


Life & Bikes did a great review over this book.  I agreed with a lot of what he had to say about the book.  Reading a book like this really opens your eyes and hits you with a reality check.  It puts humility back into your life.  They way that I see things now is you shouldn’t feel bad for someone who is sick.  You can sympathize and for some even empathize but you should never give up on your own life.  You’re given the chance to do great things and some people forget that because of the monotony that we go through sometimes in our life and we take our time here for granted.  Maximize it and make things happen.

Currently, I’ve been reading Outliers and it makes a lot of sense in the situation of Lance and what makes him a true competitor and great in his field.  Genetics, timing, determination, willpower and other numerous instances.  His high pain tolerance makes him push harder and longer.  The severity of his cancer is mind-boggling but the way he fought through it is even a more spectacular story.  What got me the most was the strength and companionship he received from his family and even more so from his closest of friends.  When he fought, they fought it with him.   You don’t give up.  It’s just not an option.  Just imagine that if/when you do survive, you can tackle ANY obstacle that comes your way.  No one can reach the tolerance and the adversity that you’ve been able to overcome.  You just get stronger.

Maybe I’m slowly getting off the subject but I swear it all ties together.  I respect and admire people’s success.  It just motivates you that much more to keep doing what you want to do.  It will happen if you want it enough.