Roots. Justin Vernon.

The influences they have on each others style in this jam session is seriously in the pocket of a fusion classic.  This is stuff you have to be there in the moment to witness.  It’s kind of what you would find in a late night jam session in a dimly lit piano bar/open mic night. I’ve witnessed something like this in Nashville. I’ve yet to find a moment like that in Austin, but it would be sweet to find one in NY, SF, Chicago or LA. I guess it doesn’t really matter where it happens but more of the opportunity to witness something like this live.  Chills for day. Music is something else.





New Order – Substance 1987 has sort of a matrix motif to it. Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? What if you take both? What’s cool is that you can hear a lot of where modern music is steamed from in this album. Electronica is almost meticulously analyzed layer by layer when you sit and pay attention to the tracks. Listening to it on vinyl has a homogenous feel to it because that’s how it was originally distributed. As pop as it is, Bizarre Love Triangle, even though it’s not my favorite track, is one of the best produced tracks I’ve ever listened to in my lifetime. The simple melody, the catchy lyrics and the production of the arrangement is beyond its years and not to mention complex. There are so many segments to that track. The build up to the break down. I mean, c’mon.

Do I prefer the red bill or the blue pill? Depends on any given day. They are equally compromised of favorites and rarely listened tracks. Red pill has more commonly played but the songs you care for are on the blue.

Now that you’re in a state of wtf is this guy talking about, I’ll just say I’ve probably mentioned this album a dozen times and still yet to see its predecessor. There’s great music out there but I’m waiting to hear that album that is the next portal to the evolution in music.

Daily Jukebox

If you like music, you’ll follow me on twitter.  It’s pretty much all I post besides bike stuff and random banter.  I’m fun.  I wish people would share more music this way.  It’s a way to be brought into someone else’s world.  I’m open to all kinds because it all depends on how it makes you feel.  Like right now, I feel hungry.


So after my “Before the New Year” incident, it’s been a tragedy to lose a lot of my music archive and having to build it back up all over again.  Not just music was lost but a ton of irreplaceable pictures and other files that were archives away for a good 4 1/2 years.  It’s my fault for not double checking my car or maybe accidentally pressing the open trunk latch button or something.  I’ve thought about it a bunch of times and I still can’t come to a conclusion yet.

If you had one music album to take with you to a deserted island, what would it be?

Man, I wanted to see how long my little Black MacBook would have lasted me.  Great little thing, it was.  Sheez.

Bon Iver

The frontman and the band that help in putting the supergroup, Gayngs together.  It’s an inspiration and refreshing to see music in its purest form.  No Hollywood studio fill-ins and an unpretentious crowd.  The La Blogotheque series on Youtube is simply a joy.  Thanks for putting them up for the world to share.  Can’t believe it took me this long to find them.  Justin Vernon is a genius.