Bike-Friendly Companies

So I would like to say that I helped put the Houston bike scene on the social map with PedalHouston.  It’s been a fun project to work with and I definitely need to get back on the ball with it just because I want to keep it relevant and current with the status of the growth in Houston.   Which in that area has been significantly growing faster than I had imagined thanks to the help of a city council that supports the idea of a cycling lifestyle city, especially inner city.

With that said, I’ve always had a fantasy of the Heights Bike trail turning into a flourishing trail business.  What I mean by that is I always imagined small cafes and eateries building alongside the trail promoting business by bike.  Take the trail and stop in for a morning coffee or an afternoon lunch during your ride.  It will become more busy bike traffic for people trying to get through there but it also promotes that lifestyle more.  It’s not necessarily a great business model from just getting cyclists but they can have e front end for walk-in customers and a back end facing the trail that gears the cyclists coming through.  I’d like to see and maybe it’ll catch on the longer these trails get around the city.  I think it’s cool that there are implanted city arteries of bike trails to get in and out onto main routes and that it connect to downtown and hopefully the UH campus.

There needs to be a coexistence between cyclists and motor vehicles.  I really believe that it helps the pedestrian levels increase that also helps with crime rates and safety of areas because it’s almost safety in numbers.  The more people walking around, the less likely to have creepers or whatnot.  It’s why places like NY or Austin that you can walk around town without feeling creeped out if you see a random person walking the streets and wonder what they’re up to.

Maybe I’m just blowing smoke but I feel like it should happen. I’m game for more businesses to focus towards the bike scene.  Also, when you see bike racks full, it DOES get people’s attention.  It makes them want to stop in and see what’s going on and why so many people rode in to that spot.