keep the good

Keep the good around you.  Positivity works and you feed off of it.  I don’t know why it takes so much to keep me motivated but when you comes, you have to run with it.  Sometimes you get stuck in the rut of things. I need to dust off my road bike and go for some long rides again.  

I get a kick out of riding my other bike around town but something is mentally freeing when you go for a long ride.  There’s a mental challenge to keep going but also, it’s pretty meditative too because it’s just you and the road.  You just go for as long as you want to, especially when you’re out on the open country roads. I’m going to try my new pedals once I figure out why they are so weird.  

My Shimano 105s have worked their hearts out but I want to feel a difference under my feet.  So I’ll see how that works out and report it.


Did you know…

…that the original book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone was changed to Happy Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone in America by publishers simply because they thought that children would not read a book with the word “Philosopher” in the title?

Mind boggled. I’m learning a lot from people in the UK.  

Thanks Lily Allen (for making me look up why there are two different names to that story) and Ricky Gervais (for why “news” is called “news” and that ties weren’t made for fashion but because shirts originally didn’t have buttons) for my random trivia knowledge fix this week. Isn’t there a board game like this?

Edit: Thanks Sree for these:

Sree: Honey is the only food that does not spoil.  Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found edible.
Sree: Swans are the only birds with penises.
me: whoaaaa, those are win
Sree: No this is the best-  The only country in the world that has a Bill of Rights for Cows is India. Cows are great.

Now Playing…

#NowPlaying is my most used hash-tag on twitter.  If I put it up it’s because that song is now stamped in my good music almanac.  The song triggered something and that’s an awesome feeling when a song can do that. I remember when I first started this blog, I was creating weekly playlists but it became time consuming.  What’s funny was back in the days of making ACTUAL mixtapes on cassettes.  Nothing like taking the time out of create a playlist, order your CD’s/LP’s of what you wanted to record on the tape.  Now we have no time for that.  Crazy how technology freed up our time only to be too busy for things like this now.  Video tape shows?  DVR me.  

Anyway, getting off tangent. I’ve been tuning into music a lot more often then not lately.  It’s just making sense to me at the moment.  Not to mention that there’s a lot of stuff coming out and also rediscovering.  Heck, there’s a lot of music out there that I’ve yet to discover that’s been out there.  That’s the great thing about Austin.  This city feeds off of the energy created by the people. I’m becoming a hippie. Music is GOOD right now. “Live high, live mighty, live righteously…”

Stay inspired. Jason Mraz – Live High

Stay intrigued. Bon Iver – Tampa To Tulsa



I am incredibly inspired right now by a lot of the positive energy that is surrounding me right now. It’s a great feeling but also it can be overwhelming because you want to do achieve everything in an instant. Now it’s a matter of prioritizing goals and setting deadlines to make things happen. You have to run with it when you get this type of energy. The drive, the motivation, the tools and the support. Don’t let that drive simply settle down, run with it because it puts you just that much more ahead of the game.Taking your passion and sharing it with others really has it’s place where things that would feel tasking to some people don’t feel like that at all because it’s what drives you. It’s what makes you relevant to other people, whether they know you personally or not. I’ll be popping out posts while I have this energy going. Beats spam tweeting. :-PDon’t stop learning. Keep teaching yourself. I hate that I get lazy sometimes (even though it’s good to just sit back sometimes). There’s a difference from being lazy and procrastinating. You can be lazy when you have nothing to do but when you have things to do, don’t put it off. That’s the hardest advice that I need to tell myself. Anyway, I got a lot of things to take of before the end of this month and hopefully I can put in the hard work to get the end result that I want. Whether it be career-driven, passion-driven or simply just wanting to accomplish a goal. Go at it full force otherwise just settling is what you get. Got my blinders on for now.

My Beats


So I’m not one for getting excessive novelties but who says I can’t get them as gifts. I have to say this is one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. Happy Birthday to me! Basically because it’s an item I would have never bought myself but they definitely grab my attention when I see them. Every time I tried them on, I pretty much tried to talk myself out of them. Telling myself that they are “overrated”, “no different that any other headphones” and “gimmicky.”I found myself really paying attention to the music, the nuances and breaking down all the components in the song. The thing about the Beats by Dr. Dre is that they really are studio headphones. You can hear the distortions of tracks that were red-lining when they were ripped to mp3. It definitely makes me want to make sure I find the higher quality rips now.Needless to say, it may seem like a small gift but they are definitely a luxury item and I’m fortunate to have a pair. I’m gonna be “that guy” with those headphones on.


These video combine a multitude of things that I’m passionate about.  Photography, cinematography, music, choreography, visual editing and ingenuity.  The first video is the final product of a Canon commercial that I am surprised that I haven’t even seen this on television once.  The second video is just exactly what into making it and how smart and imaginative these cats truly are.

Maybe I can do a crazy project like this someday minus the budget, the staff, the equipment or the extras BUT who knows?!  Still an awesome concept.  Gots me inspired.

Great Expectations

The power of positive thinking. It’s pretty powerful. Now just because you block out any pessimistic thoughts but everything that you think about only builds up momentum. I appreciate the friends that I’ve been able to build stronger relationships and also new ones at that. They have helped me get through some tough times and great opportunities when I didn’t see any. I’m hoping that I can push that momentum into this year and continue to pursue making the projects I want to happen…happen.My 08 Mavic Aksium wheels came (Merry Christmas to me!) and I’m pretty excited to test them out soon.


The feeling of them just feel stiffer and have the stability that I think will push easier in gaining speed. Now that I’m talking about them without them on my bike, they’ll beat the POS wheels that I got on the bike initially.  It’ll make that big of a difference.  They are pretty to look at.I realized that you DO have to put air in your road tires before every ride. That’s what was causing my flats. The dreadful pinch flat. Now my problem is trying to find out why the heck my cadence isn’t reading on my computer now. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I went to the bike shop today and it was funny hearing one of the guys that worked there say to a customer asking how much he’s looking to spend if he gets into biking. He says, “You will always find something else to buy. When you think you’re done buying stuff, you’ll find something else to get for your bike.”So true. It’s an addiction almost.Well here’s to 2010. It’s a “cool” year to live in. It sounds futuristic, monumental and end of a decade. Or the beginning of another rather? One thing is for sure, I think this is the coldest it’s been in Houston in a long time. Waiting for that arctic front to come through.