Editorial: This is already late.

Everything now is instantaneous.  Instant gratification.  How you get your news.  If you’re two minutes late on news, it makes people mad that you’re not in the know about it already.  Any less is unacceptable.  You get “deleted.”  I think the same goes for blogs, especially tech blogs.  There’s no time for gurgitating what you’ve just read anymore.  You’ve read it and it’s happened already.  Just like the AT&T commercial with the bros at the tailgating party claiming news that’s happened already.  It’s great to get news when you want it but I think that’s why people seem to feel like they have no time anymore.


I admit, I’m a culprit.  I thank Google Reader for being a quick dump for news.  Either skim through all the 11ty posts in ONE DAY that a blog produces or just “Mark As Read.”  Sometimes you don’t have to know everything but sometimes you want to know everything.  I wish I cared more for world news but politics and the media to portray things in a manner to make it dramatic to sway your opinion on it.  I feel like I’m starting to be the cranky old man that looks at things about the new world and detesting how it’s formed out to be.  I use technology and I don’t hate where it’s going but sometimes I feel like we don’t take time to do anything anymore.  Reading a newspaper to catch up on news is old news.  Sunday paper is nothing but used for extreme couponers.  Music gets skimmed and thrown around like nothing now but I can say exploration of music is at its best right now.  When you do something great, people will pay to hear or see your music because you’ve earned their time and money.  No more surprises when you buy and album anymore unless you avoid any leaks and previews for your benefit.


I remember, I collected more singles than albums beacuse I only liked one or two songs.  Songs on its own but I like appreciating those whole put the effort into a complete album.  I think that’s the reason I like the idea of vinyls again.  Listening to the work completely.  No one knows what kind of music you’re into because you don’t have a collection anymore (except a digital one).  Having a physical analog copy of the work seems well worth paying for it.  I forgot about having the whole package.  The slip cover art, the front cover aesthetics and just everything about records.  It still amazes that the little piece of plastic plays real actual, dynamic music with no digital loss.  And the crackle, it’s pretty awesome.

Moral of the story: Don’t eat spoiled grapes.  But if you do, they really are just raisins.


I just need to stop thinking and get back on my bike(s).